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Smile design, also known as Hollywood Smile, is to aestheticize the appearance of deformed teeth in proportion to facial features. With aesthetic smile design, you can have a beautiful smile and increase the person's self-confidence. Healthy teeth can also be achieved through smile design, which gives the person a natural and beautiful smile. Smile design is a personalized treatment for teeth whose aesthetics are impaired for various reasons, according to the patient's needs.


Why is Smile Design Needed?

Smile design, also known as Hollywood Smile, is the treatment of teeth to give a perfect smile expression. In this treatment, we ensure that your teeth gain an aesthetic appearance, and that you achieve the appearance of your teeth and gums that are compatible with your facial features, according to the measure called the golden ratio. Smile design makes a person feel more confident in social life. It also allows you to show off your smile without hiding it in photo shoots. A beautiful smile makes a person look positive. For these reasons, you may consider having a smile design.


Procedures Performed within the Scope of Smile Design

Smile design is a treatment that must be completely personalized. Because each person's mouth and tooth structure and the problems in their teeth are different. The procedures performed within the scope of smile design, which provides the person with an aesthetic dental appearance, are as follows:


  • Whitening discolored teeth

  • Elimination of crooked teeth

  • Treatment of tooth decay and fractures

  • To proportionate the height and width levels of the front teeth

  • Elimination of dental cavities

  • Reducing the ratio of gums and teeth to the ideal level

  • Completing missing teeth

  • strengthen teeth

  • dental veneer

  • Harmonizing the smile with the curves of the lips

  • Elimination of tooth sensitivity problem


How is Smile Design Done?

In the smile design treatment, the patient's inside and outside of the mouth photographs and video recording during the conversation are taken and the condition of the teeth is evaluated. Then, according to digital design programs, many parameters such as the patient's facial proportions, teeth sizes, gum levels, age and profession are taken into account in order to create an ideal smile compatible with facial features. These planned smile models are then printed on 3D printers. Using the mock-up process, the planned smile is transferred to the patient's mouth with temporary materials used in dentistry. At this stage of smile design, the final smile is seen without any operation on the patient's teeth. When the patient requests additional procedures regarding the size and form of his teeth, he informs the dentist. In addition, the patient's speech and dental contacts are evaluated by the dentist. Before performing the aesthetic procedures required for a beautiful smile, the dentist determines whether additional treatments such as orthodontic treatment or implants are required.



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