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We have answered the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Root Canal Treatment in Eskişehir for you.

Root canal treatment is a treatment that is applied as a result of the pulp tissue, which we can call the "brain" of the tooth, losing its vitality for various reasons, and allows us to restore such teeth to health and keep them in the mouth. We can even restore severely worn teeth to health with root canal treatment and ensure that they serve for years.

How make is root treatment ?

In root canal treatment, the pulp tissue inside the tooth is simply completely removed, the removed area is completely cleared of bacteria with the help of medications, and the removed area is filled with materials compatible with our body.

Does root canal treatment damage teeth?

If a tooth requires root canal treatment for health reasons, on the contrary, we restore the health of the tooth. Of course, as in every treatment, it is necessary to protect the natural tooth tissue as much as possible in root canal treatment.

Will root canal treatment cause problems in the future?

This is actually a question that bothers the minds of most patients. Root canal treatment is a very sensitive and delicate treatment. It is necessary to be very meticulous and careful during the treatment. Of course, technology also has a big share in the success. The materials and techniques used in root canal treatments performed with old technologies were insufficient for the treatment. That's why patients generally have a question mark in their minds. But now, with the advancement of science and technology, we can keep teeth in the mouth for many years without any problems, thanks to a properly performed root canal treatment.

Is there pain after root canal treatment?

After root canal treatment, depending on the condition of the procedure and the tooth, there may be pain in some cases, but not in others. It may be considered normal to have discomfort in the procedure area for 1-2 weeks after the procedure.

Is pain felt during root canal treatment?

This is the situation that our patients fear the most when they first apply to us. Especially after the experiences heard from the surrounding area. If a correct anesthesia technique is applied before the root canal treatment, there will be no pain during the procedure.

Should teeth that have had root canal treatment but caused problems be extracted?

Teeth whose root canal treatment has failed can be restored to health with a correct Retreatment and can serve for years. Of course, teeth that are extremely decayed or teeth that cannot be repeated with root canal treatment can be extracted.

In what cases may repeat root canal treatment be required?

If root canal treatment is not successful or if undesirable conditions occur during treatment, repeat root canal treatment may be necessary.

Do teeth with root canal treatment darken? If it darkens, can it be whitened again?

Teeth that have undergone root canal treatment do not darken most of the time, but such a situation may occur in some teeth. We can restore the discolored tooth to its previous color with a special whitening technique.

Can teeth with only roots be kept in the mouth?

These teeth can be kept in the mouth as long as the root part is restored to health with a correct root canal treatment. The crown part, which is the part of the tooth that we see from the outside, can be raised with special techniques and placed on a crown or created with different filling techniques and can serve our patients for many years.

How many sessions does root canal treatment take? Should it be performed in a single session or multiple sessions?

There is actually no clear answer to this question. There are many factors that affect the number of sessions. Many factors such as the vitality of the tooth and the structure of the canal anatomy can affect the number of sessions. Your physician will choose and apply the safest technique for you.

If root canal treatment relieves pain, why don't we apply root canal treatment to every aching tooth?

Root canal treatment is a treatment that restores tooth health, but the most durable and perfect structure in your mouth is always your natural teeth. If the factor that causes pain in the tooth is addressed and the correct treatment is applied and the tooth is prevented from becoming infected, your tooth will remain in its most durable form. That is why minimal procedures are always performed on the teeth. You need to apply it and ensure that it remains in your mouth in its most natural form.

Are the materials used in root canal treatment harmful?

As with every treatment, the materials used in root canal treatment are not harmful and compatible with our body as long as they are used correctly.

What should be taken into consideration after root canal treatment?

Once the root canal treatment is completed, the tooth is restored to health, and our symptoms are gone, we can use the tooth as if it were our own.

How long should it take to have my tooth that has undergone root canal treatment checked?

We should routinely go for a dentist check-up every 6 months. During this check-up, root canal treated teeth should also be evaluated.

Are there risks of root canal treatment?

As with any treatment, root canal treatment that is not applied correctly can of course harm you. For this reason, root canal treatment must be done very sensitively and carefully.

How long does root canal treatment take?

Root canal treatment can be performed in a single session, depending on the condition of the tooth, or in multiple sessions, with intervals deemed appropriate by the physician. There may be 2-3 weeks between these sessions. Of course, this period may be extended if your physician deems it necessary. Your physician will best decide this.

Is it normal for root canal treatment to take a long time?

The process of root canal treatment should not be rushed in order for the tooth to fully regain its health and for the treatment to be carried out in the most correct way. Therefore, it is normal for the treatment to be prolonged.

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