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Practical Methods to Prevent Bad Breath (Breath Odor)

Bad breath is defined as an unpleasant odor coming from the mouth.

It is also known as "bad breath" among the public. Bad breath is a problem that can negatively affect a person's social life. Causes of Bad Breath The most common cause of bad breath is inadequate oral hygiene. Failure to perform oral care regularly, such as brushing teeth, using dental floss and brushing the tongue, causes bacteria to multiply in the mouth. This may cause bad breath.

Other causes of bad breath include:

gum diseases

tooth decay

dental stones

Bacterial plaque on the tongue

Oral fungal infections

Sinusitis Tonsillitis

Diseases of the stomach and intestinal systems

long-term hunger

Alcohol use Cigarettes and tobacco products

some medications

Diabetes Liver disease

kidney disease

How to Treat Bad Breath?

Treatment of bad breath varies depending on its cause. In the treatment of bad breath caused by poor oral hygiene, regular oral care may be sufficient. In this context, brushing your teeth twice a day, using dental floss and brushing your tongue once a day is recommended. Additionally, it is important to see a dentist regularly and have your teeth cleaned. For other causes of bad breath, relevant treatments need to be carried out. For example, treatments such as gum treatment for gum diseases, filling or root canal treatment for tooth decay, and antibiotic treatment for sinusitis may be applied.

Some precautions that can be taken to prevent bad breath are:

Brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes.

Floss once a day.

Brush your tongue.

See your dentist every six months and have your teeth cleaned.

Drink plenty of water.

Avoid cigarettes and tobacco products.

Avoid foods that can increase bad breath, such as onions, garlic and spices. These foods can cause bad breath by increasing the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Bad breath is a problem that can negatively affect a person's social life. Identifying the cause of bad breath and applying the appropriate treatment will help prevent and eliminate bad breath.


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