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Hollywood smile, which allows you to have a Hollywood smile, is a smile design that gives the person an aesthetic smile. Hollywood smile, also known as smile design, means aesthetic and white smiles. However, for a perfect smile, just having white teeth is not enough. The aim of this smile design is to ensure perfect harmony with the person's teeth, lips and gums. Hollywood smile is not just an aesthetic smile. It also ensures that the person has healthy teeth and gums. The Hollywood smile can be applied to both women and men.

Procedures to Have a Hollywood Smile

A beautiful smile is extremely important for aesthetic appearance and a positive impact. It is possible to have aesthetic and healthy teeth with a Hollywood smile. Before proceeding with the Hollywood smile design, a detailed examination supported by x-rays is performed. Then, a personalized plan is made for the Hollywood smile. This smile design is completely personalized. The procedures performed to have a Hollywood smile are as follows:

  • gum treatment

  • Orthodontic treatments

  • Teeth whitening

  • Composite laminates

  • implant treatment

  • Full ceramic coatings

  • Zirconium coating

  • Lip filler if deemed necessary

What Does Hollywood Smile Give You?

Hollywood smile, designed for a perfect smile like Hollywood stars, gives you a flawless and aesthetically pleasing smile. Asymmetries in your smile are eliminated with the Hollywood smile. The Hollywood smile gives you natural-looking, white teeth. Your existing dental and gum diseases are treated with a Hollywood smile. Provides healthier teeth and gums. If you have mouth closing disorders, this condition is treated. Hollywood smile gives you a younger and more energetic appearance. In this way, your smile will look more beautiful and you will spread more positive energy around you. Hollywood smile also allows you to smile confidently during photo shoots without hiding your smile.

How Long Does It Take to Make Hollywood Smile?

Since Hollywood smile is a personalized treatment, how long it will last depends entirely on the individual. If the patient has tooth decay or gum problems, these are treated beforehand. In this case, the time allocated for the Hollywood smile will be longer. If the patient has a missing tooth, an implant must be placed. In this case, the duration of the treatment will increase again. However, to give a general period for Hollywood smile, it varies between approximately 5 days and 15 days.


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