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First Dentist (Pedodontist) Visit for Children

It is important for families to be prepared in advance to ensure that their child's first dentist visit is a positive experience.

Your baby's first dental exam should usually be done when the first tooth emerges. This happens for most babies between about 6 months and 1 year of age. Authorities such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Pediatric Dentists Association recommend this timing. This first examination at an early age helps protect your baby's dental health and allows any problems to be detected early. This visit also equips parents with important information about their baby's dental health and marks the beginning of regular dentist visits.

Here are some recommended steps for this visit:

Timing: Babies' first dentist visit should usually occur following the emergence of the first teeth, that is, between approximately 6 months and 1 year of age. This helps prevent possible problems by drawing attention to children's dental health at an early age.

Preparatory Activities: Activities such as watching educational videos about the dentist, reading relevant books, and playing tooth counting games with toys can be done for children. It is important to schedule the appointment time when the child is most vigorous and happy.

Parental Attitude: Parents should not project their own dentist fears and negative experiences onto their children. Threatening children with the dentist should be avoided.

Pre-Examination Awareness Raising: Avoiding giving rewards to children before and after the dentist visit prevents them from perceiving this procedure as difficult or undesirable. It is important to avoid providing scary or negative examples of your child's dentist experiences.

Things Done at the First Examination: Pedodontists (pediatric dentists) examine the child's teeth at the first visit and share the current problems and treatment options with the families. They also provide information about nutrition and preventive practices.

Things to Consider During Treatment Sessions: It is recommended that children come to their treatment appointments on a full stomach, if possible. During treatment, asking questions that may demotivate the child should be avoided. These guidelines are designed to help children have a positive first dentist experience. The important thing is to reduce children's fear of the dentist and encourage healthy dental care habits at an early age.


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